About Vinyl Veritas

Founded in 2022, Vinyl Veritas' mission is to make the world of collecting and enjoying music's greatest physical format accessible and inviting to newcomers, and to provide a curated experience for record obsessives.

Our goal is to reinvent the record store to reflect the culture and communal power that recorded music has had over the past 60 years. Vinyl Veritas means 'truth in vinyl' and we believe this not only as a high fidelity audio format, but in vinyl's ability to give shape and tangability to music's true ideal form, the album. 

Once considered a dead format, vinyl's resurgence in the past two decades is one of the greatest comeback stories in the music industry, and we want to create a record store worthy of the format's rightful ascendance to cultural prominence.

Our mission is to become a brand that embodies the lifestyle of the record collector in the 21st century, while staying true to vinyl's roots. We look forward to growing and expanding alongside our customers.