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The Sword - Greetings From

The Sword - Greetings From

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From Allmusic Guide:

The mercurial Lone Star State doom metal unit's first concert LP, Greetings From marks the Sword's third release in so many years, arriving on the heels of 2015's High Country and its stripped-down 2016 companion piece Low Country. Recorded during their fall tour in support of Opeth, the set list leans heavily on material from the swampy, psych-blasted High Country, with highlights arriving via the lumbering "Buzzards" and the sludgy "Mist & Shadows." Warp Riders and Gods of the Earth get nods as well -- 2012's excellent Apocryphon is the only release without a representative -- and a face-melting, nearly eight-minute rendition of Age of Winters' "The Horned Goddess" makes for a fitting closer. Also of note is the inclusion of a ballsy reading of "John the Revelator," a classic blues number made famous in 1965 by Son House, which the band issued in 2016 as a single for Record Store Day.

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